Wanting to Plant New Trees? We can help……

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Here are some critical items to consider when planting any new tree:     

Location, Location, Location is the first thing to consider before you pick a tree.  Most of the trees that we have to remove are put in too tight of an area for where they are planted.  Give your tree plenty of room to allow for healthy growth.  Make sure that if it is in a lawn it has protection.  See Diagram above. Make sure that the tree you decide on also will do well with the amount of light, moisture, and weather that it will receive. Not all trees will do well here.  A lot of times people want a large tree quickly which, who doesn’t?  Long term though, faster growing trees are prone to weak limbs and  disease.  Here is a list of beautiful and hardy trees that do well in Northern Utah:


Abies concolor white fir

Calocedrus decurrens incense-cedar

Cedrus deodara deodar cedar

Juniperus scopulorum Rocky Mountain juniper

Pinus edulis pinyon pine

Pinus ponderosa ponderosa pine

Taxodium distichum bald cypress

Large Size Deciduous Trees:

Catalpa speciosa northern catalpa

Celtis occidentalis common hackberry

Fagus sylvatica European beech

Ginkgo biloba ginkgo

Gymnocladus dioicus Kentucky coffeetree

Liriodendron tulipifera tulip tree

Quercus macrocarpa bur oak

Zelkova serrata Japanese zelkova

Medium Size Deciduous Trees:

Acer campestre hedge maple

Aesculus x carnea red horsechestnut

Corylus colurna Turkish filbert

Tilia tomentosa silver linden

Ulmus parvifolia lacebark elm

Small Size Deciduous Trees:

Amelanchier x grandiflora apple serviceberry

Crataegus crusgalli cockspur hawthorn

Malus spp. crabapple

Prunus virginiana chokecherry

Syringa reticulata Japanese tree lilac


(Courtesy of UCFC and ISA Trees are good.)

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