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Need auto body repair in Springville or the surrounding communities? Building trust with our auto body repair customers has been a key to our success. Recommended by many insurers for auto body estimates, collision damage repair and windshield and glass replacement we work directly with your insurance company, so you don’t have to.

Our cutting-edge equipment and tools enable us to repair your vehicle’s chassis and exterior with absolute precision. Our universal measuring system can accommodate any vehicle make and model and provides us with exact manufacturer specifications without additional adjustments or unnecessary labor. Our vehicle measuring, alignment and repair systems are completely dependable and can handle the repair of vehicles to their exact manufacturer’s specifications. Trust Art City Auto Body with all your vehicle auto body and collision repair needs!

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Send us pictures of your vehicle damage from your phone for a fast, no-hassle online estimate.

Send us pictures of your vehicle damage from your phone for a fast, no-hassle online estimate.

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Stop by our body shop for a physical inspection where our representatives will guide you through the entire repair process before it begins. We will work with you during vehicle drop off and help you with towing services, vehicle rental, and claims assistance if needed. An assessment of the damages will be made where relevant data is collected and entered in our computer system that will then be able to determine the cost of repairs based on visible damage.

approval of collision repair estimate

Approval And Authorization Of Estimate

Once the estimate for repairs has been authorized by you, an inspection from the paying insurance company will work with us on what will be needed for the repairs based on the visible damage. Once we receive approval from the insurance company, we begin the process of locating and ordering the necessary parts for repair.

vehicle disassembly during repair process

Disassembly And Repair Planning

This is when we really perform a more thorough analysis of the repairs. A technician will begin drafting a plan to complete the collision repair on your vehicle, disassemble what is needed and document all parts that need to be repaired or replaced. This step includes parts ordering, computer scanning, suspension alignment, measurements, factory repair methods, color matching.

structure and body repair at Art City Auto Body

Structure And Body Repair

Once the required parts are received and verified the structural repairs are performed. We use a sophisticated laser measuring system to ensure that the frame repairs conform to the manufacturer’s specifications. Repairs or replacements of any exterior panels are also performed.

auto painting repair process in Springville Utah


Each vehicle is color matched and tested prior to applying. We don’t mix our paint and hope it matches. We go through a process each time so your car will look consistent and each panel look the same from one to the other. Paint preparation starts with proper prepping methods and procedures followed by our paint manufacturer.

vehicle reassembly and diagnostic scanning after body repair


Once the paint has fully cured and has been polished, it’s ready for the parts to go back on. Here we reassemble your vehicle, installing all the lamps, moldings, and any trim that was removed during the disassembly phase of the repairs. Vehicles are checked for all functions and if needed scanned again for detection and clearing of codes.


This is the time required to send your vehicle to the dealership or other vendors to complete the final procedures necessary to fully return your vehicle to pre-loss condition.

auto detailing after auto body repair


It’s common for vehicles to accumulate dust associated with the repair process. During this step, we detail your vehicle by cleaning it and testing all systems so you can be sure your vehicle is restored to its pre-accident condition. We make sure your vehicle will be delivered back to you as clean or cleaner than when the vehicle was dropped off for repairs.

Quality Check and vehicle delivery after repair

Quality Check, Assurance, And Delivery

We complete a comprehensive quality control inspection of every vehicle at the completion of the repair process. We may do a final test drive if needed to make sure there is no unusual noise or abnormal driving characteristics. We do a final walk around the vehicle making sure it’s back to pre-accident condition. Keys are handed back to the owner.